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Lately I have been using Javascript and Python to make animation tools to help streamline my workflow. Here are a few of my more useful After Effects scripts that others might find useful too.


Check out my author page on aescripts to try my commercial scripts
Joysticks 'n Slidersand Parrot. Also, name your own price for EaseCopy!

last update: 6/28/2014

Select one or many precomps in your timeline and run the script. Your precomps will become the length of your current comp, and all animation on and within your precomps will be offset to produce no visual change. Great if you like to keep your precomps in sync with your main timeline and are tired of writing down frame numbers.

last update: 6/28/2014

Extremely handy for work-from-home situations. This allows you to work on a collected project, then instantly relink your footage assets back to their original sources when you return to work. Due to ExtendScript limitations, you can't relink unmerged Photoshop or Illustrator layers, but everything else should work just fine.

last update: 6/28/2014

This little tool has been very handy at my current gig. If you have a workflow in which one AEP contains many many shots, you may get a graphics request from your editor listing the names of several shots. Assuming you always keep your comp names and output file names the same (a very good practice), you can copy/paste all text from your request into CompRetag. The script will find all matching names and let you change their label colors in the Project window, making them easy to spot.