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Below is a collection of my commercial animation work. I have loved working on commercials, since each project gives me the opportunity to experiment with new visual styles.



Esurance commercials
Lead Animator, Supervisor
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Chevrolet Bumpers
Pioneer Headbangers commercial
Director, Animator, Designer
Salesgenie Commercial
Director, Animator, Backgrounds

Virgin America Safety Video
Lead Animator, Character Designer

Mooky Mooky Boo Boo
Animator, Technical Director, Modeler
Wal-Mart in-store spots
Director, Designer, Animator
Sea World Aquatica Pitch

Chiclets Kung Fu
Director, Animator

Virgin America Wifi
Lead Animator
Cookie Crisp cereal
Director of 2D animation
Ottawa Animation Festival Signal Film
Cookie Crisp cereal
Director of 2D animation

Cookie Crisp cereal
Director of 2D animation


Radioshack, Jump Rope
Designer, Animator


Esurance Simple Switch
Animation Director, 3-D artist


Radioshack, Black Friday
Character animator

Castle Empire

Castle Empire
Director, character animator, editor, 3D artist

Tateyama Tateyama Sake
Animation Director, Editor, Compositor
doc-fu Doc-Fu
Animation Director, compositing, 3-D Artist, Flash Animator, Editor
New Meeting Norms
Animation, editing, sound design

Recreational solo project for LoopDeLoop screening.